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Dressage is just training but it is also very technical. By using exercises that are progressive and logical the horse will become balanced not only in body but mind as well. Dressage is the foundation for all equestrian sports as it aims to make the horse supple, flexible and athletic. No matter which equestrian sport I competed in dressage was and remains the foundation. Of course dressage is required as it is a phase in Eventing and Working Equitation but it is also invaluable in helping the showjumper be able to balance and engage his hindlegs in tight turns and to shorten or lengthen his canter stride quickly and efficiently. To ride the obstacles in the Maneability and Speed phases in Working Equitation the horse must be very responsive to the rider’s aids.

I teach and coach dressage in individual lessons the duration of which is 45 minutes.

Is Dressage Right For Me?

Dressage is for everyone. If you want to have a co-operative horse that is a pleasure to ride then firstly you need to learn how to sit centred and balanced on the horse. One must learn the aids and develop the co-ordination to influence the horse in the correct way.

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