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A true master - Miguel Tavora

Miguel Tavora was the most influential coach I had the good fortune to know. Training with him enabled me to train three out of three horses to Grand Prix. All three horses were quite different with various strengths and weaknesses but, through the systematic gymnastic work we achieved three horses capable of the highest movements. Hugo, 17.1hh Holsteiner, in particular excelled at piaffe and showed talent for levade. Jaffa, my giant 17.2hh chestnut Dutch warmblood, was the easiest horse I’ve had to teach flying changes and half passes. Piccolo, 16.3hh Oldenburger, my current Working Equitation horse, can do everything. He is also the spookiest horse I’ve ever had but, in spite of that, he is competing at Masters. Sometimes the indoor atmosphere is a challenge for him, especially as I have to ride one handed but he is gaining more confidence. Three very different horses but by working with their strengths and developing exercises to overcome their weaknesses, Miguel and I produced beautiful horses, sound of mind and limb.

This article written and published by Chris Hector, the Horse Magazine, is one of my favourites.

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