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Training with Tiago Alves

I have just completed three days with one of the world’s best Working Equitation competitors. Tiago Alves. He is only 27 years old but what a coach! ANWE NSW organised the clinic and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Stephen and Melissa Rush. The wealth of knowledge Tiago was happy to share is exactly what we are in need of here in Australia. I am lucky that having been taught by Miguel Tavora I was familiar with Tiago’s uncompromising approach and attention to detail as well as the strict adherence to correct dressage training. Bluefields Fiderglanz rose to the high expectations and the development of his collection was evident. Hopefully Tiago will come back and help our fledgling sport again and again.

I have included some footage of a couple of the exercises I had to ride. The emphasis is on collection, precision, balance and control. I am certainly going to be incorporating these gymnastic exercises in my coaching repertoire. For Working Equitation the horse must be supple, compliant and trained to a high standard. The obedience to flying changes and smooth changes of direction enables the horse to negotiate the obstacles with apparent ease. Bearing in mind that my horse is 16.2 hh I am very pleased with his performance. As always, I am wearing my favourite Plum Tack gear! Check out their website if you are looking to get functional and flattering equestrian clothes that are made to last.

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